The new Bahrain airport new passenger terminal officially launched its operation on January 28. The state of the art terminal is considered a part one of Bahrain’s largest development projects and has a capacity of more than fourteen million passengers. The airport expansion project includes an expansion of the duty free area, along with an aviation fuel station, and four times the size of the old terminal.

This represents a major expansion in Bahrain’s ability to efficiently receive growing numbers of tourists and visitors, while improving the experience of those visiting the Kingdom. Prior to the pandemic, Bahrain had been experiencing year-on-year increases in arrivals (including via the Saudi causeway) and thus these investments in airport and transport infrastructure has great potential to significantly contribute to Bahrain’s economic growth and employment levels.

Bahrain’s national carrier Gulf Air has shifted its operations to the new terminal. A new airport hotel and spa operated by Gulf Hotels group has also opened that accommodates for long and short stays.

The new terminal is highlighted with art spaces exhibiting the work of Bahraini artists. The Bahraini Culture and Heritage authority has launched a museum in the departure terminal displaying the culture, art and history of the Kingdom. 

More than 90% of the airport employees are Bahraini nationals. This expansion project of the Bahrain International Airport that provides international and innovative terminal services is considered another successful step for Bahrain’s implementation of Vision 2030.

Throughout much of the twentieth century Bahrain was a principal transport hub for the region. This substantial investment secures Bahrain’s future as a major travel destination, as well as being a crucial connections hub for international travel.

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