Who are we?

Citizens for Bahrain is a group of young and moderate Bahrainis who have come together to express our opinions with regard to our nation’s current affairs.
We aim to make ourselves heard on the world stage and voice our concerns about the direction in which the “Arab Spring” and other recent political events are directing our country.

Mission Statement

Founded in 2012, Citizens for Bahrain aims to give a moderate and honest perspective of current events in Bahrain. CfB members have committed themselves to a balanced and nonpartisan coverage of Bahraini politics.

We hope to encourage and inspire the moderate individuals who constitute Bahrain’s silent majority not to be intimidated and to speak out and voice their opinions about our nation’s current state of affairs. 


Although the political crisis is starting to settle, the repercussions of 2011 continue to take a toll. Labels continue to threaten the very fabric of Bahraini society and we risk wideining the sectarian divide between our communities if don’t address these issues now. The growing extremism is uncommon to Bahrain and we would like to see moderate citizens spearheading reform.  

We don’t want our fellow Bahrainis to be labeled as Sunni, Shia or non-Muslim, loyalist or opposition. All are entitled to equal rights; everyone should have equal opportunities. We aspire for Bahrain to be a land of peace and privilege and we hope to regain the safety and security we once enjoyed.

We envision a Bahrain where citizens and residents work collectively for the good our nation, regardless of race, sect or political affiliation. 


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