The year 2020 was filled with many challenges for the global community in confronting the unexpected emergence of the coronavirus. While continuing to overcome these challenges, Bahrainis have many aspirations going into 2021; some arising from new regional opportunities resulting from peace with Israel, along with hopes for economic revival after months of the pandemic. Here is a look at what many Bahrainis expect for the coming year.

“Provided with the best medical services”

“We simply hope to stay safe and sound and have utmost appreciation for the efforts of the government in trying to tackle the pandemic. While many countries have faced scarcity of medical equipment and attention to patients, we in Bahrain have been provided with the best medical services” Ahmed 32, from Manama 

“I have received the COVID vaccine and look forward to moving back to normal life. We feel the sense of normality here in the country and it is truly a great feeling that Bahrainis have proven to be an aware society in tackling the pandemic”. Sara 28, from Riffa 

“People have maintained social distancing, the government has secured our jobs, paid our salaries while we stayed home and also paused our loans. In 2020 Bahrain has proven to be a strongly developing nation and I hope the same for the years to come” Khalid 38, from Saar

“Peace in the region”

“I hope to see more peace in the region. One of the greatest accomplishments of the region was the signing of the Abraham Accords with Israel. It was a proud moment for many of us who aspire at attaining peace and stability.” Maryam 27, from Muharraq

“A unified and strong GCC is what I hope for in 2021. We need to stand together in order to be able to face our challenges. Starting with a global pandemic and regional security threats from the terrorist regime in Iran”Abdullah 36, from Budaiya

“Although this might be a farfetched vision, I hope to see an end to the Islamic Republic in Iran. This regime has not given anything to the world and its own people but terror and instability. Efforts should increase in combating the Ayatollahs”. Fatima 40, from Manama 

“Decrease in unemployment”

“The pandemic has caused an economic crisis. We hope to see more job opportunities and a decrease in unemployment rates in Bahrain. Young people need to feel productive and become important members of developing their society. I look forward to more measures by the government in increasing employment opportunities” Hamad 32, from Muharraq

“Nothing comes to mind but safety and security. The government should continue its efforts in keeping us and our country safe. It is a part of human nature to complain about each and everything but we should be grateful that we still feel safe in our country, while other countries are being torn apart” Salman 30, from Manama 

“Israel will hopefully become a strong ally”

“As a country we should keep strengthening our ties with our allies. I hope that the peace deal with Israel will lead to exchanging expertise and flourishing the economic and social diversity of both Bahrain and Israel”Manal 36, from Muharraq

“We have a new partner in town and this seems exciting. Israel will hopefully become a strong ally in the coming year and many of us look forward to visiting Tel Aviv and welcoming our Israeli friends here in Bahrain”Ali 26, from Isa Town

“The government needs to start a new page with the opposition. The prisons should be freed and better rehabilitation centres should be put in place for misguided youth who were involved in violent acts. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the 2011 uprisings and we have hardly seen any significant changes in the policy of the government.” Hassan 36, from Manama 

“Tackling corruption and promoting equality”

“The coming year should see a rise in opportunities for youth under the leadership of the Crown Prince and Prime Minister. This is a new era for Bahrain that will hopefully witness many important changes.” Noor 30, from Riffa

“I hope to see bold moved by the leadership in tackling corruption and promoting equality in the country. The Crown Prince has always been our ray of hope and as Bahraini youth we have always looked towards a future under his leadership of the government. I hope to see more fruitful outcomes to the Crown Prince’s efforts”Aisha 30, from Manama 

“The new US administration is what we should closely look at this year. The Biden administration seems to be leaning towards peace with the Ayatollahs of Iran and that certainly does not serve us. The longer the Islamic Republic stays, the more dangerous the world becomes” Mahmood 33, from Muharraq

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