Bahrain is a central member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, but also prides itself on excellent relations with a broad range of nations round the world.


Bahrain’s core role in the regional coalition against the so-called “Islamic State” illustrates both Bahrain’s capacity as a team player and Bahrain’s readiness to take on the forces of extremism, intolerance and sectarianism.


It is also one element of the Saudi-led alliance in Yemen, countering Iranian interference and seeking to restore peace and stability for Yemenis.


The Kingdom has long-believed in taking the GCC project even further towards the vision of a Gulf Union, widening trade, security and political relations with Arabian Gulf cousins to the mutual benefit of all. For example, the Gulf railway project would bring Bahrain even closer into the heart of the GCC with a new causeway to Saudi Arabia and an additional causeway across to Qatar, massively increasing the prospects for tourism and travel through the Gulf States.


Bahrain hosts the American 5th Fleet and a new permanent British naval base because it is recognized for its strategic location and dependable stability.


However, Bahrain is also willing to criticize its allies. It was outspoken in warning of the dangers of doing business with Iran and in urging Security Council members to consider all aspects of the Iran nuclear deal in mid-2015.


Bahrain considers itself the dependable and unwavering friend and ally of all those moderate forces working towards peace, stability and coexistence in the region.


Tolerant traditions

Bahrain has for centuries been home to both Sunni and Shia Muslims. Consequently both sects have had to coexist peacefully alongside each other. So many Sunnis and Shia inter-married that the Bahraini term “Sushi” was coined for these mixed families.



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#7 – Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

#8 – Dependable ally

#9 – Island nation

#10 – Historic power-centre

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