Historically, Bahrain has always made its living from the sea – trade, fishing and pearling. Bahrainis instinctively look outwards and welcome all incomers. So much of Bahraini culture – food, dance, clothing, art and poetry – is a melting pot of the cultures that pass through Bahrain owing to its central location on the Arabian Gulf trade routes.


Unlike mainland Arabia, throughout history Bahrain has looked to on the sea for it’s existence; for trade, for pearling and for fishing; as well as the sea constituting its primary defence against potential invaders.


Culturally, this means that although Bahrain lies at the heart of the Arab world, its influences go much further. If you look at Bahraini cuisine, art, music, crafts and other traditions, they are enriched by a diverse range of influences from west and east, but synthetized into something uniquely Bahraini.


Psychologically, Bahrainis generally view the world in a different manner to the people of mainland Arabia. Bahrainis are more open to new ideas; they value education; they love to travel abroad and broaden their minds. Arguably, this Bahraini mentality is largely a product of the nation’s island heritage and the tradition of welcoming the best of other cultures and ideas to its shores.


Bahrainis pride themselves on standards of education. Many Bahrainis have been educated in top universities round the world. Millions of dollars are currently being spent to make Bahrain a regional hub for education and ensure that its own schools and universities are world class. These high standards of education help make Bahrainis an enlightened, open-minded and cosmopolitan nation.


In many ways, Bahrain is naturally comparable to island economic hubs like Singapore, Hong Kong, or even London’s status vis-à-vis Europe. Bahrain’s modern importance as an offshore banking hub is also largely due to Bahrain’s small size but geographically and strategically central location, which is why many major nations have sought to benefit from Bahrain’s naval facilities.


Ten reasons why Bahrain is best: Click these links to find out

#1 – Family friendly

#2 – Religious tolerance

#3 – Personal safety

#4 – Cultural hub

#5 – Open economy

#6 – Tourist paradise

#7 – Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

#8 – Dependable ally

#9 – Island nation

#10 – Historic power-centre

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