“This project is putting out a clear statement that we are going to be here for a significant period of time and it is a big commitment and promise to Bahrain that we will be here carrying out our work preventing drug smuggling and people smuggling, which funds terrorism, and maintaining security on the seas;” British Royal Engineer, Major Ros Elliott.

After three years of trying to scare everybody away from Bahrain, the opposition must be feeling frustrated that it’s propaganda is completely failing; particularly after their failure to make any impact during the 2014 Grand Prix, and now Britain’s announcement that it is drastically expanding its Maritime commitment in Bahrain.

The $16.71m expansion of the UK Maritime Component Command (UKMCC) complex in Juffair is a major step in British and regional efforts to counter challenges like piracy and people smuggling.

The 30-year design life shows that other countries see Bahrain as a stable, safe and welcoming location in which they can invest heavily. Previously, the UK only relied on temporary buildings for its operation in Juffair.

“This will be the UK’s biggest operational theatre outside of the UK;” said Royal Engineer Major Ros Elliott, commenting on the project.

The Royal Navy has maintained a continuous presence in the Gulf since 1980 and is the second-biggest Western maritime force stationed in Bahrain after the US. The operation has now grown to more than 80 UK personnel, the Gulf Daily News reported.

The British Government has also been actively involved in supporting Bahraini Government initiatives for prison and security sector reform.

UK Deputy Commander Commodore Keith Blount stressed: “This new UK Maritime Component Command headquarters and logistics facility underscores the UK’s continuing and enduring commitment to Bahrain and the wider region.”

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