The death toll is mounting for radicalized youths who have been killed and injured while manufacturing bombs or transporting them in order to launch attacks against police and civilians.

In the latest incident, two youths were killed and a third was seriously injured when a home-made bomb they were transporting in their car in Al-Muqsha exploded on 19 April.

It should be noted that most of the 13 police killed in the unrest and several civilians died as a result of such explosive devices. However, the largest proportion of those who have died so far are the militants themselves, when their home-made bombs have gone off by accident.

On 22 April, the funeral of these two youths was held amidst widespread incidents of violence against police. Many of the rioters had brought substantial quantities of petrol-bombs to the funeral.

The following day, a coalition of opposition groups issues a vague statement urging people not to resort to violence. But the nearest Al-Wefaq Islamic Society came to commenting on the specific incident was on Twitter:

AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN

Many areas across

#Bahrain have mourned the 2 young men who died in a mysterious car explosion 3 days ago

We should be concerned, because these youths are becoming increasingly militant, so it is inevitable that there will be further civilian casualties as a result of such attacks.

List of those killed while making or transporting explosives, or killed in related criminal activities over the last year:

Ahmed Abdulrasool Al Masjen, aged 16; Ali Abbas Ali Ahmed, aged 18; 19 April 2014

Both youths were killed and a companion was seriously injured while transporting a homemade bomb in their car in Al-Meqsha

Hussain Sharaf: 1 Apr 2014

Hussain was wanted for the murder of a policeman in 2012. He was killed by a massive explosion while building a bomb in the location where he was hiding in Al-Eker. Large amounts of bomb-making equipment was found at the property.

Two child casualties: 5 March 2014

Two children aged 10 and 11 were hospitalized after being forced by militants to carry a bomb to a location in Al-Daih in order to detonate it; in the same spot where three policemen had been killed in an explosopn two days before.

Fadhel Abbas Muslem: 25 January 2014

Fadhel was shot during weapons-smuggling operation in Diraz. When the police tried to arrest the smugglers Fadhel drove directly at a group of police and was shot after warning shots were fired.


Ahmed Abdulamir: 30 November 2013

Ahmed died from burns during a riot in Sanabis after the Molotov Cocktail he was about to throw exploded in his face.

Ali Khalil Al Sabbagh: 22 October 2013

Ali was killed by homemade bomb he was carrying in Bani Jamra, presumably with the intention of killing police and civilians.

Mohammed Al Kasoor: 13 Sepember 2013

Mohammed was hit by a falling palm tree while cutting down the tree to build a road block in Al-Daih, during preparations for rioting.

Hussein Kadhem: 29 July 2013

A police car overturned with him inside during a collision; after Hussein had been detained on charges of theft.

Hussein Abdulkareem: 26 June 2013

Hussein was killed while building bomb in a workshop at his home in Saar. Hussein was proclaimed a martyr and his funeral was the event for widespread rioting and petrol-bomb attacks against police.

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