As negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal continue, assumptions on the outcomes of this deal and its prospects for the region has left many observers puzzled. Regional powers including Gulf states and Israel have previously expressed their dissatisfaction with a nuclear deal that empowers the Islamic Republic and creates more chaos in the region. Here is what some Bahrainis think about the nuclear deal and whether a nuclear Iran will be accepted: 

“A nuclear Iran is a disaster”

“Certainly not! A nuclear Iran is a disaster. Any Iran under the rule of the Islamic regime is a total chaos, with or without the nuclear deal. The Ayatollahs need to leave and the nuclear deal strengthens their presence in Iran and across the region. It is simple minded to think that peace will come out of this” Ahmed, 31.

“Why are they talking just about a nuclear deal when Iran is posing all kinds of threats to the region. Will a nuclear deal stop the missiles hitting Saudi Arabia and other states? Will a nuclear deal stop Iran’s paramilitaries taking over all these Arab states? Will a nuclear deal stop Iran claiming that Bahrain belongs to it?” Sara, 36.

“Nothing positive comes out of working closely with the Islamic regime. The gulf states tried a policy of diplomacy for decades and it led to failure and more aggressiveness by the Islamic regime towards our nations. The same will happen with the US and the West if they continue down this road” Khalid, 40.

“The Islamic regime has betrayed the international system several times, starting with the unprecedented hostage crisis following the 1979 revolution, the spread of extremism and terror in the region” Manal, 36.

“Dealing with a terrorist regime”

“One wonders what it would take to make the Biden Administration and the West understand that they are dealing with a terrorist regime. They seem to be in denial over that”  Ahmed, 28.

“We will never accept a nuclear Iran. Whether it is the Islamic regime or any other regime in power. There is a historic feud between Iran and the Arab Gulf and overpowering Iran with nuclear capacity is simply a wrong move” Fatima, 34.

“The only way a nuclear Iran will be accepted is if other powers in the region such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates attain nuclear power. Perhaps then we could expect some form of nuclear peace in the region, where none of the nuclear powers would go to war against the other due to the fear of the outcomes” Abdullah, 38.

“We will never accept a nuclear Iran”

 “Iran has the right to obtain nuclear power as states such as Israel do. We cannot be selective and prevent Iran, while its enemies hold on to nuclear power. The rules should be the same for all states. It also has the right to develop and progress within the provisions of international law” Mariam, 30.

“It is chaotic and irresponsible of America to insist on giving Iran another chance at the nuclear deal. We will never accept a nuclear Iran; this is an extremist regime whose powers should be limited and not enhanced” Hamad, 28.

“The west should isolate the Islamic republic instead of having a deal that will further enhance its standing within the international system. The nuclear deal will create chaos in the region, and it should come to an end”Hassan, 31.

“I don’t think the Ayatollahs should be trusted”

 “The nuclear deal isn’t just about our region. It is about global security. Perhaps working closer with Iran will bring it under scrutiny and monitoring and will help the UN and other powers towards imposing some future restriction on Iran’s activities. We should look at the bigger picture and stop blaming America and the west for trying to mend relations with Iran” Salman, 34.

 “Any country should be entitled to obtain nuclear power. Whether its Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel or any other. On the contrary if these countries gain nuclear power it could pave them away from war and towards finding common grounds of working closely to avoid catastrophe” Amal, 29

“I don’t think the Ayatollahs should be trusted with any form of nuclear power. They have destroyed the region without nuclear capacity and the nuclear deal and friendlier relations with the west will only strengthen their presence and support for terrorist groups that have destroyed nations such as Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen” Ali, 42

“I hope that people actually understand the magnitude of having a nuclear deal with Iran on the future of Iran itself and the region. If this deal comes back to life, this causes a threat to regional and global security as it strengthens Iran’s support for groups such as Hezbollah and the Houthis, it also glorifies the presence of the IRGC and the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.” Aisha, 27.

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