On 3 January Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah made a speech which was calculated to stir up further chaos in the region, during which he repeatedly accused Saudi Arabia and Gulf leaders of being “terrorists”.

Nasrallah’s lies don’t even deserve a considered response, and Saudi Arabia has behaved with immense dignity by completely ignoring him.

But who is the real terrorist? The real terrorist is the one responsible for murdering tens of thousands of Syrians on behalf of Bashar al-Assad. The real terrorist is the one responsible for exporting billions of capsules of narcotics throughout the Arab world and Europe. The real terrorist is the one who has provided training and support for terrorists in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Bahrain.

Hezbollah over the course of its existence has been responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks. With truck bombs, suicide bombs and multiple strikes against foreign targets, Hezbollah during the 1980s paved the way for Al-Qaeda and Daesh. It taught them everything they know. Hezbollah and Nasrallah aren’t just terrorists, they define modern terrorism.

Why is Hezbollah deliberately stirring up trouble across the region? Because Hezbollah have lost much of their support in Lebanon. They have ruined their own nation’s economy. They have lost all their support from across the Arab world. And they have lost all their credibility by failing to follow up on all their empty rhetoric about being the “resistance” against Israel. The only “resistance” in Lebanon today is the massive groundswell of national resistance against Hezbollah.

Hezbollah and Iran are dedicated to destruction of the region: Syria has been torn to pieces. Iraq is in chaos. Yemen has been completely destroyed. And Lebanon has gone from being one of the most beautiful and sophisticated countries in the region, to being an impoverished wreck where its citizens are starving.

Nasrallah and Khamenei tried to achieve the same thing in Bahrain after 2011 by providing training and support to a number of extremists who embarked on a bombing campaign attacking the police and other targets. We know for a fact that Iran will try again in Bahrain at any future opportunity it sees.

Today, Hezbollah is hated in Lebanon and across the region. Nasrallah must deliver his speeches from a hole deep under the ground because he fears his own countrymen as much as he fears Israel. However, the region has moved on. Hezbollah has made itself irrelevant. Nobody cares anymore what Nasrallah says in his ridiculous speeches. He is simply barking at the moon, and the only reasons he makes such offensive comments is to get himself noticed.

You have betrayed your country; you have betrayed the Arab and Islamic world. The region rejects you and regards you as a traitor and a terrorist, Mr. Nasrallah. All Nasrallah has achieved with its lies is bringing the Gulf and Arab states closer together to stand against him.

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