This is to be a historic moment, as Bahrain witnesses Israel’s El Al Airlines making its first landing in the Kingdom’s airport. The arrival of the Israeli delegation headed by Israel’s National Security Advisor Ben Shabbat represents the official start to the diplomatic relations between the two nations. The joint group between Bahrain, Israel and the United States held several high-ranking meetings, laying the groundwork for strong relations between Bahrain and Israel, after having signed a peace agreement in the White House.  

The visit aims at signing a number of memoranda-of-understanding and agreements between the Bahraini and Israeli governments. The agreements include an exemption of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic and special passports. The ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and several government bodies held meetings and signed memoranda-of-understanding with their Israeli counterparts. The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry was also one of the organisations which signed agreements aiming at enhancing trade and economic relations. 

The peace agreement with Israel comes as a reiteration of Bahrain’s tolerant and forward looking vision. The start of diplomatic relations represents a new chapter for the people of Bahrain and Israel, since such relations will further develop the social and cultural ties between the two peoples. The road to attaining peace always starts with wise and bold decisions by leaders who aim at a brighter future for their nations. Luckily, Bahrain’s leadership has continuously reflected such rational behaviour in bridging gaps and promoting tolerance.  

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdulatif AlZayani stated that “achieving peace will be reflected in fulfilling the aspirations of the countries and peoples of the region for stability, peace building, and development” 

Living in isolation from one another, has negatively impacted Israel and its relations with the Arab countries. We look forward to a future where Bahrainis, Israelis and Arabs could live alongside each other in peaceful and harmonious societies. Political relations with Israel will certainly have a positive effect in serving this purpose. 

Wishing Bahrainis and Israelis a promising future filled with further safety and prosperity for our nations and the region as a whole. 

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