During the past few weeks the Bahraini authorities have taken several measures to limit the spread of the corona virus. With more than 500 recorded cases so far, Bahrain has been successful in having a large number of recovery cases that have exceeded the ongoing infected cases. Here we look at a wide range of Bahraini views towards the way the government is handling the corona crisis in the Kingdom:

“Our healthcare system has proven to be excellent”

“The steps taken by the authorities are commendable. The hotline dedicated to coronavirus cases is very helpful, the helpdesk treats citizens and residents with utmost professionalism and care. They even send you an ambulance to your doorstep if you show any major symptoms” said Ahmed, aged 32, from Muharraq 

“More than 30,000 people have been tested in Bahrain and at this moment we have more people who have recovered than those being treated. That’s quite an accomplishment. Our healthcare system has proven to be excellent” said Aisha, aged 28, from Manama

“Bahrain and Saudi have succeeded in controlling the disease, but what happens in a few months when we want to start opening our borders again to all the countries which haven’t? Unfortunately we may have to be prepared for a second, third, and fourth wave of infections. But the problem seems to be no coordination or strategy between countries at an international level. As long as the world fails to coordinate, this disease will keep coming back and back ” said Khalid, aged 40, from Saar

“Grateful to be living on this island”

“At a time when we see the most developed nations of the world are collapsing due to this pandemic, I can only say that I’m grateful to be living on this island. I even have no fear of getting infected because I believe that I will receive the best care due to what I’m seeing” said Maryam, aged 26, from Budaiya

“Bahrain is setting a great example of good governance and crisis management during this pandemic. Our country’s efforts have been commended by the World Health Organisation while the world’s greatest powers are failing to provide basic healthcare to their citizens and end up cremating them” said Hassan, aged 32, from Isa Town 

“Many Bahrainis still remain outside Bahrain following the cancellation of flights. This is a matter of concern to many of us. More than 1,500 Bahrainis are stuck in Iran and they’ve been promised to be returned for more than a month now. We fear for their lives in Iran and I think that the authorities should do more to bring them back sooner” said Fatima, aged 38, from Saar

“They should stay in Iran”

“Some Bahrainis have been evacuated from Iran and it certainly is the government’s responsibility to bring them back. However, they need to be patient, as they chose to travel to a country that Bahrain has no diplomatic ties with, hence the logistic arrangements of their return is going to be difficult” said Abdullah, aged 30, from Riffa

“I don’t believe that the Bahrainis who are in Iran should return now. They should stay in Iran, be treated there and then return. Most of the corona cases are from those who have returned from Iran. If all of them return they’ll spread the virus here” said Ali, aged 28, from Muharraq

“There’s a national plan to evacuate all Bahrainis who are abroad, not only the ones in Iran, but we only hear the ones in Iran complaining as they want to politicise everything and turn it into a sectarian issue. The government has been very transparent in dealing with this issue and citizens need to be patient and responsible” said Sarah, aged 38, from Manama

“Free healthcare for any Bahraini or foreigner”

“All those entering the country are tested without any exceptions. The government is providing free healthcare for any Bahraini or foreigner infected with the coronavirus” said Noor, aged 29, from Sanad

“Bahrain is now also officially hosting hundreds of GCC students who have come from abroad, following the suspension of flights in Kuwait and Saudi. The authorities in Bahrain have tested all of these students and provided them with necessary healthcare and quarantine facilities” said Mohammed, aged 32, from Manama

“It is quite surprising that even Bahrainis who are very skeptical and usually complain about everything the government does are actually commending the government’s efforts and believe that the government is taking the right measures for once” said May, aged 36, from Budaiya 

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