In a recent survey held by Expat Insider, Bahrain was ranked as best country in the world for expats to live in. Bahrain is known to be a country which caters to different segments of society, including expats who find it very comfortable to live here. Below is an analysis of why Bahrainis think expats prefer Bahrain to other countries.

“Levels of freedom”

“Many expats consider Bahrain as their home. The expat community in Bahrain lived alongside Bahrainis even at the times of political unrest. They even feel safer today as they were protected on this land even during the peak of security threats;” said Maryam, aged 28, from Isa Town.

“The levels of freedom enjoyed are key to the success of Bahrain in attracting expats. It is easy to create a safe and welcoming environment for people of different communities;” said Sarah, aged 28, from Muharraq.

“Bahrain is a country that provides community, schools, social clubs and more. The Indian, Filipino, British and other communities feel like home as their children can go to schools with similar curriculums to their own countries;” said Ahmed, aged 31, from Manama.

“When I worked in other countries in the region, expats and locals tended to live very separate lives. It is very different here in Bahrain, where locals and expats are much more likely to work and socialize together… I’ve heard expats complaining recently about them being particularly affected by increasing prices from subsidy reforms, but I understand that the situation is similar across most GCC countries;” Hussam, aged 33, from Manama.

“…Whatever they want, whenever they want it”

“People from different countries have lived here for decades because they can find whatever they want, whenever they want it. Bahrain tends to be a very comfortable country where locals are also very friendly and cooperative, this adds great value to the identity of Bahrain;” said Khalid, aged 25, from Budaiya.

“There is a great level of openness to other cultures and beliefs as Bahrain is an island and islanders are known to usually being more exposed and accepting of others;” said Fatima, aged 30, from Saar.

“The uniqueness of Bahrain’s culture and traditions makes it the perfect destination for expats to live in. It is a mixture of east and west, although Bahrain preserves its Arab-Muslim identity, it still is very progressive and similar to the west in some aspects;” said Abdullah, aged 32, from Manama. 

“The subsidy cuts have caused frustration within the expat community, however the oil prices, and the prices of real estate and others are notably much cheaper than other countries in the region, hence Bahrain still remains as the favourite destination for expats;” said Zainab, aged 36, from Manama. 

“The easiest country to live in”

“Bahrain is the easiest country to live in, everything is at close proximity. The prices of commodities are cheaper than other countries and this is certainly an important factor for expats;” said Amal, aged 34, from Saar.

“People from different cultures and faiths are very well integrated into the Bahraini society. Religious freedoms are openly practiced and protected by the law of Bahrain. People of different faiths have their places of worship that are very well respected and preserved in the Kingdom. This is something that you may not find elsewhere in the region;” said Hamad, aged 30, from Budaiya.

“Communication is a very important factor. The majority of Bahrainis speak good and fluent English which makes it easier for foreigners to communicate and get things done easily in the country. We often forget how important this factor is to the success of Bahrain as a host country for expats who represent more than 50% of the population;” said Mona, aged 27, from Saar.

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