Daesh has once again demonstrated that it is the mortal enemy of all true Muslims, with a wave of atrocities across the Muslim world, culminating in the holy places of Saudi Arabia.

There is no justification for murdering innocent worshippers, especially at a time when Muslims are fasting for Ramadan and preparing for Eid. Eid al-Fitr this year will be marked by hundreds of families in Turkey, Bangladesh, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq mourning the loss of loved ones and wondering why this had to happen.

This senseless and arbitrary killing is so far from the teachings and spirit of our tolerant and peaceful faith that those who perpetrated these acts can’t simply claim to be misled. Anybody who justifies, condones or supports such acts can truly be considered to be the enemy of both Islam and humanity.

Daesh’s propagandists will claim that these attacks across the Muslim world are a sign of its strength and power. In reality they are proof of its weakness and inevitable demise. Daesh is lashing out after being pushed out of Al-Fallujah, Al-Ramadi and many other areas of Iraq, Libya and Syria. The end of its satanic “Caliphate” is simply a matter of time and the world will jointly rejoice its passing.

It doesn’t take cunning or strategic judgment to compel a brainwashed youth to blow themselves up in a marketplace full of women, children and innocent citizens – it simply takes a sick mind and a hatred of life.

Beyond the killing of thousands and acts of mass torture, rape and the worst atrocities known to mankind, Daesh has done untold damage to the Islamic faith – causing it to be wrongly seen as a religion of brutal violence and mindless intolerance. This is why everybody who loves their religion has a duty to speak out against everything Daesh stands for.

We also have a duty to instill in our young people an understanding of Islam which emphasizes a love for all humanity and a celebration of the intrinsic value of every life.

Daesh seeks to divide Muslim against non-Muslim, Sunni against Shia, and brother against brother. Our greatest weapon against these terrorists is our unity – standing against these mass-murderers until we can ensure the complete destruction of this terrorist evil and its hideous ideology.

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