The benefits of civil society for Bahrain and for you.

Civil society weakens and dies if it fails to continually bring in new generations of young people. This is one of the reasons why all civil society initiatives should ensure a central role for the youth.

Young people from an early age should be encouraged to participate in sports clubs; musical and cultural activities; as well as initiatives for helping others and enhancing their society.

It is important for young people to mature with a sense that they are part of a wider community. Young people shouldn’t simply be taught to passively look to society and the state for education, employment, health care and services: Young people should be brought up with a sense of the service they can provide to their society and their nation.

Profile: Youth Pioneer Society

Youth Pioneer Society is one of most active youth societies in the Kingdom. The society mainly aims at organizing programs and events that help in the integration of youth within the society and capacity building. Their main programmes include the Youth Parliamentarian Programme which provides communication skills training and facilitates debates. Another recent successful programme organized by the society is the ‘Chance Programme’  that provides entrepreneurial training skills and aims at motivating youth to enter the field of entrepreneurship and build awareness about the available opportunities within Bahrain.

Ministry for young people

Bahrain’s Ministry for Youth and Sport was set up in 2015, with the aim of ensuring greater opportunities for young Bahrainis in all walks of life. This has coincided with calls of better facilities for young people to stimulate their minds and keep them occupied in their free time.

Guiding the youth

Young people have a tremendous amount of energy when engaging with the world around them. However, if parents, teachers and role models don’t help channel these energies into productive activities, then young people can be easily influenced by those who wish them harm.

The threats of radicalization, religious extremism, sectarianism and drug abuse can easily influence young people who lack the support needed to avoid these dangers. Young people need to believe that their aspirations can be fulfilled and have a clear vision for their role in society.

A strong civil society should play a major role in guiding young people around these obstacles and assisting them in putting their energies to good use in service of the nation and their communities.

Rights of young people in the Constitution

Protecting the rights of young people within the family: 

“The state protects the legal form of family as well as maternity and childhood, provides care to children, protects them from exploitation and moral, physical and spiritual negligence. In particular, the state pays special attention to physical, moral and mental development of youth.”

Ensuring the right of young people to education and employment prospects:

“The State ensures employment opportunities under fair terms and conditions for citizens within national economic development programs. .. The state promotes science, literature and arts. It encourages scientific research and ensures education and cultural services for citizens. Education shall be compulsory and free.” 


ABC of civil society

Media freedoms




Quality of life




UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Women’s rights



Zero-sum game

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