Mohammed Al-Binateej @ATEEKSTER Apr 5

I don’t understand why people feel joy when they see news condemning Bahrain. Don’t you people feel you’re part of Bahrain? It’s your home.

Yes, why do people feel joy while seeing news condemning their own country. A number of questions arise while one thinks of this issue.

Do these socalled Bahrainis lack a sense of nationalism? Unfortunately we have reached a point where people put their sect and religion before their nation. A person’s religious beliefs are certainly important but not at the expense of your nationalism and sovereignty of your nation.

Some Bahrainis choose to campaign against their country, not knowing that the greatest damage they create is to their own identity. When you visit another country, people don’t usually tend to ask what is your sect or your religion? You are asked: Where are you from? The greatest feeling is to find pride in your country. A land that has provided you with love and peace at a time when our brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq are looking for a shelter.

These misguided Bahrainis should at least respect their country for what it has given them, despite the challenges they face.

Your country should come first.You should campaign for your country and not against it. It is not aboutdefending a government, it is about defending your identity. One should certainly address the challenges he/she faces and try to find solutions but not in the abusive way adopted by some of us. It is shameful to sit and campaign against your own country and see a negative media story as a sign of glory.

What you should be doing is respecting your nation, wanting to see the good about it and trying to work hard on making every element of your country move forward. 

Donlook to outsiders to pressure your governments into change:Respect your sovereignty and be the drive to positive change. Your loyalty should be to your land, your flag and the red passport you carry wherever you go. 

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