The Financial Audit Bureau recently released its annual report which addresses the performance of the Bahraini Government, including cases of corruption and negligence within Government bodies. 


The report’s findings reveal cases of mismanagement, corruption and wastage of funds. Many Bahrainis have shown interest in the report due to the current economically challenging phase the country is witnessing. Below are some Bahraini views on the report’s findings:


“We are a mature society which can handle the truth”


“The report gives us a sense of the Government’s transparency, and this is what people need. We need to see our Government’s seriousness in addressing their flaws and nothing can be better than an official report which points out the Government’s mistakes;” said Ali, age 32, from Manama.


“This is not the first audit report. During the past few years these reports were handed over to the authorities, but only limited action was taken against the cases of corruption. The Government did not release a list of names of those involved in the corruption cases. This information shouldn’t be hidden from the public. I believe that we are a mature society which can handle the truth, if this kind of information is hidden over and over again then no one will take such reports seriously;” said Fatima 28, from Budaiya.


“The audit report shows the Government’s willingness to face its challenges and to openly speak about its failures. There is no perfect Government, but I believe that we are lucky enough to have a Government that admits this fact;” said Abdullah 34, from Muharraq.


“People need to see implementation”


“We all know that Government bodies can be dysfunctional in many ways due to the existing bureaucracies, centralised decision-making processes and administrative corruption. The audit report helps the Government in having a better understanding of how its bodies and ministries function. Serious steps should be taken towards implementing the report’s findings, it certainly looks nice to have a report that reveals the Government’s mistakes but people need to see implementation rather than talk about change and addressing corruption;” said Sara, aged 25, from Riffa.


“Bahrain is in need of such reports. If we have the ability to take such reports seriously, then we can face our challenges and move forward. This is the kind of constructive criticism that can help in building a better future. All the criticism that Bahrain has witnessed during the past four years has not been constructive in any way, shape or form;” said Khalid 28, Isa Town.


“The authorities should show complete transparency in addressing the report’s findings. This will lead our society into a comfort zone where we will feel that our country is moving forward and things don’t remain the same;” said Manal 31, from Riffa.

“This changes nothing”


“Every year we have these reports and everybody gets excited and says that action should be taken. Then nothing happens until the next report comes out and demonstrates exactly the same abuses. This changes nothing;” said Layla, aged 27 from Muharraq.


“The audit report, in addition to many other steps taken by the authorities, is to be commended. These are considered as indicators of change that add great value to Bahrain’s path towards democracy. It is good that the public gets to know how different Government bodies are performing and that the decision-makers are looking into their successes and failures;” said Ahmed, aged 32, from Manama.


“Government bodies should consider the report’s findings and start building on them. This would help in enhancing their performance. Once the flaws are acknowledged and the steps are taken to address the issues mentioned in the report, the performance of the government could go to a higher level hence satisfying the public and setting out Bahrain’s path in fighting corruption;” said Khalid 27, from Saar.


The audit report is viewed as a key document in the Government’s efforts towards further democratisation. The transparency that comes along with the report puts Bahrain in a different position as a country which acknowledges its mistakes and is willing to address them.


We hope that the report’s findings are taken into consideration and that the Government takes serious steps in addressing these issues.

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