The tragic deaths of five Bahraini troops, alongside the loss of numerous brave Emiratis and Saudis is a sign of the degree to which GCC states are committed to supporting regional stability and combatting the forces of extremism and sectarianism.

For small nations like Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates with our close family and tribal ties, we feel these sacrifices very deeply and our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of those who we have lost.

ISIS has bombed mosques in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and made threats against other GCC states. Iran has funded and backed multiple acts of terrorism in Bahrain and is bankrolling instability and insurgencies across the region. Yemen is a central part of the Gulf region and the crisis there has potential long-term consequences for us all.

The terrible loss of troops laying their lives on the line for the cause of Gulf peace and stability is a bitter reminder of the need for unity and solidarity amongst the Arab GCC states in facing these challenges together. These casualties should only make us more determined to play our role in addressing the crises which we as a region are currently confronting.

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