We unreservedly condemn the killing of a policeman in a terrorist bombing in the town of Al-Eker. The incident was a deliberate attack intending to kill police personnel carrying out their legitimate work of protecting the people of Bahrain.

This brings the number of police killed just during 2014 to five; with fourteen security forces deaths since 2011.

The recent bombing should come as a wake-up call to all sides, that unless there is a return to the Parliamentary process and serious engagement in Dialogue, then extremist militants will continue to exploit the deadlock to further destabilize the situation.

It is vital that the religious leaders with influence over militant elements of the opposition use their influence to specifically condemn acts of terrorism against security forces and Bahraini citizens and take the lead in advocating a more conciliatory path; particularly during the holy month of Ramadan, when the Muslim values of forgiveness and reconciliation are emphasized.

Our thoughts during this period of fasting and contemplation should be with the family of the murdered policeman and others whose lives have been tragically lost as a result of terrorism in Bahrain.

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