Two policemen were injured last night in a bomb blast in the predominantly Shi’ite village of East Eker. This attack comes only nine days after a homemade bomb left 3 policemen dead and several others injured.

Bahrain has recently witnessed an escalation in violence by antigovernment protesters. Opposition parties have condemned some of the attacks but many argue that their statements are merely window dressing and that no real effort is made to control violent elements within their constituencies.

Aside from superficial statements of condemnation, the opposition must take a firm stand against those responsible for radicalizing the impressionable young Bahrainis who end up carrying out most of these violent attacks.

Opposition leaders should recognize their influential position as role models and must actively engage with youth groups within their communities and constituencies in order to prevent youth from engaging in violent means of protest. 

The recent escalation in violence is deplorable. We would like to send our sincerest wishes to the policemen injured by the recent attacks and to the families of the policemen who lost their lives.      

One thought on “Protesters continue to escalate violence

  1. Opposition parties can take some of the blame, but so can the pro-government side. The government needs to start acting and start moving forward. Take the initiative and resolve outstanding problems like constituencies. By not acting the government’s inadvertently handing over the initiative to the “14 Feb Movement” – the BCHR-Haq-Shehabi axis and behind them the IRGC. If the government’s not taking the initiative then 14 Feb. will continue to do so with this bombing campaign. As we’ve seen in recent weeks Iran’s all over this bombing strategy. By not acting the government’s playing into Iran’s hands. That’s dangerous.

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