20 year-old Ahmed Ali Al Nashaba, a Bahraini national, was abducted on 28 January 2014 from Linton University in Kuala Lampur, where he studies electrical engineering.

According to reports, Al Nashaba was kidnapped by three men who contacted his family demanding a ransom of BD2,260 ($6000) within 24 hours. The kidnappers later upped the ransom to BD3,000 ($8000).

They threatened to cut off Ahmed’s fingers if their demands were not met.  

Fortunately however, the Royal Malaysian Police coordinated with Bahrain’s Ministry Of Interior and were able to locate and free Al Nashaba before his abductors could cause further harm.  

According to the Bahrain News Agency report, “The Bahraini police team in charge of following up on efforts to release the student had contacted the Malaysian police about the search and investigation procedures”, which resulted in locating the site where he had been detained and the student being released.  

“The Interior Ministry expressed thanks and appreciation to the Malaysian government and Foreign Ministry for their efforts that led to the student’s release,” the report added.

Procedures for Al Nashaba’s return to Bahrain are currently underway.

Citizens for Bahrain would like to wish Ahmed a safe journey home and we express our happiness for his family’s relief after this grueling episode.

We also urge all Bahrainis abroad to be vigilant and constantly aware of their surroundings, to avoid falling into a similar situation.

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