The below tiny 22 January statement on Al-Wefaq Islamic Society’s website speaks volumes about the group’s regional affiliations and sectarian outlook:

Al Wefaq in Bahrain condemns terror attack in Beirut

“Al Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain condemns the terror blast that hit the Lebanese capital of Beirut yesterday killing a number of innocent people and wounding many others. These terror attacks aim to spark internal conflict and killing in societies for lowly goals. It has become obvious that the terror attacks in South Beirut, Tripoli and Harat Hreik are all committed by the same criminals…”

  • Why does Al-Wefaq only condemn Lebanese bombings when they’re targeted at Hezbollah strongholds? Why did Al-Wefaq not join the rest of the civilized world in condemning the assassination of outspoken Hezbollah critic, former Minister Mohammed Chatah last month?
  • Why is “terrorism” is only described as such when it’s against Al-Wefaq’s allies; Hezbollah, Iran and Bashar al-Assad?
  • Al-Wefaq are consistently silent of the Syrian regime atrocities, supported by Hezbollah and Iran? Al-Wefaq exploit a narrative of human rights and democracy; but you will ever see them saying a word about the thousands of innocent Syrians who have been brutally murdered in regime prisons?
  • The allegation that all bombings in Lebanon are “committed by the same criminals” ignores the fact that Lebanese enemies of Hezbollah have repeatedly been targeted. Hezbollah members are currently indicted at the Hague tribunal for the killing of Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri.

Al-Wefaq wants to be seen as a national movement, yet it wears its sectarian affiliations on its sleeve; which is particularly problematic when Hezbollah and the Iranian Republican Guards have been proven to be involved in supporting and funding terrorist attacks against Bahraini civilians.


Al-Wefaq is led by a group of clerics, under the guidance of Ayatollah Issa Qassim. If they want to be a constructive part of the Bahraini political process they should disavow foreign affiliations and show their desire to work for the good of the whole Bahraini nation.

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