24th Mar, 2013 –

The past year has seen steady usage of increasingly sophisticated explosive devices by opposition militants, culminating in news of an Iran-trained terror cell. Citizens for Bahrain looks back at what is known about these attacks:

British Embassy bomb – December 2011

An explosive device was detonated near the British Embassy in Manama. The device was located under a minibus parked near the Embassy. A spokesman said: “Given the strength of the explosion and the debris it scattered, it was a highly-explosive substance that was used.” The incident occurred a week after the British Embassy in Tehran was attacked and forced to close its operations.

Loyalist hero killed by explosive device – April 2012

18 year-old Ahmed Al-Dhafeeri was fatally injured when trying to clear tyres placed by protesters near his home in Hamad Town. The tyres contained an explosive device, which exploded in his face. Ahmed aroused sympathy amongst loyalists because he died trying to prevent sabotage.

Explosive factories in Manama – July 2012

 Police discovered more than five tonnes of explosives in warehouses in Salmabad and Hamad Town. This was part of numerous seizures of terrorist materials across the Kingdom, including large stashes of Molotov Cocktails and explosives. Several of those involved were arrested and the British Government provided assistance in investigating bomb-making materials.

Police casualties in Al-Eker – October 2012

Youths attacked patrolling police officers with Molotov Cocktails and an explosive device was thrown at 19 year-old police officer Imran Mohammed, killing him and causing serious injury to others. Imran’s family mourned the death of the third policeman in their family in less than two years.

Manama bombings – October 2012

 In a series of coordinated bomb attacks, five explosions killed two expatriate workers and injured a third.

Attacking ATM machines – early 2013

A number of ATM machines were bombed in the early weeks of 2013, one of which was the National Bank of Bahrain’s ATM machine in Sanad.

King Fahad Causeway bomb – February 2013

Coinciding with the 14 February rioting by the opposition, a 2-kg bomb was defused by the authorities on the Causeway between Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

Terror cell – February 2013

On February 20th the Head of public Security announced that a terror cell had targeted a series of sensitive locations and public figures in Bahrain. These attacks were designed to destabilize the nation’s security and economy. The investigation revealed that the armed group used the name “Army of the Imam”. Members had received training in Iran and by Hezbollah in the use of weapons, explosives, surveillance and monitoring targeted persons.

In announcing the Terror Cell the Interior Ministry noted the dramatic change in the range of weapons used by militants, including metal spears, Molotov cocktails explosives and live ammunition against police.

March 2013 explosions

A bomb explosion targeting policemen in Bilad al-Qadeem led to the serious injury of a policeman and minor injury of others. A bomb explosion near Sanabis did not result in casualties.

On 6 March the Public Prosecution sentenced a defendant to fifteen years in prison for carrying and producing explosives. On 17 March a Bahraini court sentenced 17 people to 15 years in prison, convicted of trying to kill four policemen with a homemade bomb during political unrest last year.

Attacks on schools

Many incidents of groups of saboteurs carrying out arson attacks on schools with Molotov cocktails have been documented during the recent period.

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