5th Nov, 2012 –

Two weeks after a policeman is killed in a bomb attack in Al-Eker we learn of multiple casualties in coordinated bomb attacks across Manama. The information we have so far is that there were five explosions in the Adliya and Gudaibiya areas, killing two expatriate workers and seriously injuring a third. We can only assume that those responsible for planting so many explosive devices were seeking a much higher loss of life, which mercifully failed to transpire.

While expressing our condolences to the loved ones of the victims, we want to ask how this can happen in Bahrain. The continual use of firebombs, metal poles and rocks to attack the police is bad enough; but the use of bombs and explosives takes terrorism in Bahrain to a new and terrifying level.

With the discovery of improvised explosive devices and bomb-making factories in recent months, this latest escalation does not come out of the blue. However, we had hoped that the Government and the opposition would have done more to establish constructive dialogue and prevent militants from seizing the agenda.

These incidents are a warning to us all of the danger of Bahrain moving into a new phase in which extremists are capable and willing to use ever-more deadly tactics.

Sophisticated explosives and coordinated attacks are not something that misled youths acting alone are capable of realizing. Therefore we hope that the Bahraini authorities act decisively to protect the public, not just by detaining the perpetrators of these attacks, but by taking measures against those entities which are funding, arming and backing terrorism in Bahrain.

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