Bahrain has continued to closely monitor the progress of the Coronavirus outbreak and update citizens of infections and emergency measures. During the weekly briefing of the National Taskforce for Combating the Corona Virus it was announced that there were 2,066 known ongoing cases, while 1,860 people are known to have recovered.

There have been no further deaths over the past week, with the death toll continuing to stand at eight persons. Only a handful of cases have required hospitalization. The total count across all six GCC states has passed 78,014, with 430 deaths.

Given the relative stabilization in infection numbers and the heightened readiness of medical personnel for tracking and managing new infections, a decision has been taken to begin reopening shops and industrial enterprises as of May 7, while continuing to take precautionary measures, such as the mandatory wearing of masks for employees and imposition of social distancing. Restaurants, cinemas and sports facilities will remain closed.

In recent weeks there has been a large expansion of capacity for keeping ahead of the spread of the virus. The authorities have an ambitious plan for establishing five health facilities, including 500 critical care beds. Firstly, the multi-storey car park of a military hospital was recently converted into a 130-bed intensive care unit in order to make emergency capacity available.

And in recent days a second field hospital was opened in Sitra. This second facility has 154 beds, 55 doctors and 250 nurses and was constructed in just 14 days. It is adjacent to an existing quarantine camp.

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