Citizens for Bahrain’s “First for Bahrain” series examines major breakthroughs made by Bahrainis in a range of fields. Here is a quiz to discover how much you really know about Bahrain. To discover whether you were right, simply click on the links:


1 – Bahrain’s first mosque

Khamis mosque is believed to have been founded during the first century of Islam. This distinctive mosque was extensively rebuilt during the time of Bahrain’s Ayouni rulers (1074-1238 AD). At that time, how many minarets do archaeologists believe it had?

A: No minarets

B: One minaret

C: Two minarets

D: Nobody knows

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2 – First artificial islands

Between 1987 and 2013, land reclamation increased Bahrain’s land area by how much?

A: From 650 km² to 731km²

B: From 731km² to 781km²

C: From 781km² to 962km²

D: From 962km² to 1,272km²

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3 – Female president of UN General Assembly

Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa was only the third woman to hold the UN General Assembly presidency. Before taking on this role, Shaikha Haya was a female Bahraini pioneer in which fields:

A: Politics & law

B: Medicine & politics

C: Finance & business

D: Physics & business

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4 – First nation to host Gulf Cup

Which was the first GCC nation to have a national women’s football team?

A: Bahrain


C: Qatar

D: Kuwait

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5 – First mention in historical record

The first known mention of Dilmun – ancient Bahrain – goes back to the fourth millennium BC. What form did this mention take?

A: Ancient Jewish religious writings

B: Hieroglyphics on an Egyptian Pharonic tomb

C: Sanskrit writings documenting the travels of early Indian traders

D: Clay tablets written in Sumerian cuneiform

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6 – First modern schools

Bahrain has the oldest public education system in the Arabian Gulf region; also with the oldest public schools for girls. At the beginning of which decade did the first Bahraini girls’ school appear?

A: 1920s

B: 1930s

C: 1950s

D: 1970s

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7 – First causeway

How long is the causeway between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia?

A: 5 kilometres

B: 15 kilometres

C: 25 kilometres

D: 35 kilometres

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8 – First oil well in the region

In 1931 Bahrain was the first state in the oil-rich Gulf region where oil was discovered. The discovery of oil fortuitously coincided with the collapse of which major Bahraini source of revenue?

A: Spice trading

B: Fishing

C: Pearl diving

D: Liquor smuggling?

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9 – First media outlets

Which of these newspapers has the longest history as a leading Bahraini media outlet

A: Al-Watan

B: Al-Ayam

C: Al-Wasat

D: Akhbar al-Khaleej

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10 – Bahrain’s first lady

Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Al Khalifa, the wife of King Hamad, has long been a notable pioneer in women’s empowerment. She is a president of which major Bahraini institution for promoting the role of women?


B: Bahrain Women’s Union

C: Ministry for Women’s Affairs

D: Supreme Council for Women

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11 – Women in medicine

Bahrain has always been ahead of the game in appointing large numbers of women in the medical and nursing professions. In 1978, Dr. Fawzia Kamal was the first Bahraini female medical professional in which field?

A: Brain surgery

B: Radiology

C: Psychiatry

D: Heart surgery

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12 – International Airshow

Bahrain’s airport in Muharraq is the oldest international airport in the region. Throughout much of the twentieth century Bahrain was the most important location in the region for aviation and the principal stopping off point for transit flights. But in which year did the first documented landing of an airplane occur?

A: 1913

B: 1918

C: 1922

D: 1928

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13 – First referendum

Bahrain’s first formal referendum took place on 14 February 2001, when more than 98% of citizens approved the new Constitution. However, more than 30 years previously, the UN asked Bahrainis for their views on another issue of fundamental national importance. What was this?

A: Whether Bahrain desired full independence or wanted to become a province of Iran

B: Whether the new Bahrain National Assembly should have one or two chambers

C: Whether Bahrain should become a monarchy

D: Whether Bahrain should become part of Britain’s Commonwealth of Nations

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14 – First Grand Prix

Bahrain made history with the first Formula One Grand Prix to be held in the Middle East. Who won?

A: Michael Schumacher, Ferrari

B: Jenson Button, BAR-Honda

C: Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari

D: Fernando Alonso, Renault

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15 – First free trade agreement

Bahrain was the first GCC state to arrive at a free trade agreement with the US. In which year did this come into force?

A: 1992

B: 1999

C: 2001

D: 2006

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First for Bahrain


1.   Bahrain’s first mosque

2.   First artificial islands

3.   Female president of UN General Assembly

4.   First nation to host Gulf Cup

5.   First mention in historical record

6.   First modern schools

7.   First causeway

8.   First oil well in the region

9.   First media outlets

10.       Bahrain’s first lady

11.       Women in medicine

12.       International Airshow

13.       First referendum

14.       First Grand Prix

15.       Free trade agreement

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