The benefits of civil society for Bahrain and for you

Would you like to do something useful with your Saturday mornings – helping society and improving your career prospects? Have you considered volunteering?

Everyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge through volunteer action: Helping the disadvantaged, promoting a clean environment and supporting social cohesion.

Young people in particular should be encouraged to take active roles in the work of volunteer societies; and be given the opportunity to participate with agencies and charities in working towards the development of their community.

Volunteering is important for creating opportunities for all citizens to participate in benefitting their society and supporting those in need. This gives them a personal stake in their future. It assists young people in developing self-confidence and learning to overcome challenges on their own, so that they develop a sense of loyalty to society and they understand the positive role they can play in the wider world.


Helping children with special needs

One example of an important charity working in the volunteer sector is the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties. This society plays a crucial role in supporting young people with special needs such as Autism; promoting opportunities for all individuals with special needs and communication challenges.

This charity relies on support from volunteers with a passion for working with young people. For example, on its website, among the volunteering options are participation in art projects with children, sports activities and even gardening.

Children should be encouraged to be fully active across all levels of society and so volunteers can play a useful role in helping those with communication and behavioural challenges to put their energies to good use for the benefit of their community.

A list of some charities with volunteering opportunities in Bahrain can be found here.


Bahrain’s Ministry of Labour & Social Development

The Social Development Ministry is responsible for supporting the work of charities and societies; as well as encouraging the volunteer sector.

For example; those who want to raise money for a charitable cause must be registered with the Ministry in order to ensure that those donating their money have confidence that these funds are properly used.

It is important for Bahrain’s authorities to address young people’s challenges and to improve their capacity to assume responsibilities which serve society. Therefore, as well as regulating the charity and voluntary sector, the Social Development Ministry should be actively encouraging Bahrainis to get involved in initiatives which benefit those in need.


ABC of civil society

Media freedoms




Quality of life




UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Women’s rights



Zero-sum game

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