According to various quality-of-life and security indexes, Bahrain is one of the safest countries in the world.

The EList puts Bahrain as having the fourth lowest crime rate in the world after Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. The profile notes that violent crime is almost unheard of. 

The Numbeo database – the world’s largest database of user-contributed data about countries worldwide – found crime rates in Bahrain to be exceptionally low.

A high proportion of Numbeo contributors assessed themselves as feeling safe walking about Bahrain at night. Meanwhile Bahrain was one of the lowest-scoring countries in the world for people reporting their houses broken into, or belongings stolen. Concerns about crime levels, drug offenses, car thefts and muggings were all rated as “low”.

The US State Department’s page on Bahrain reports that “the overall rate of street crime is considered low, and the targeting of Westerners is uncommon. Robbery and burglary can be prevented with common sense precautions… Bahraini police are professional and competent.”

There are a number of factors which mitigate against incidences of crime in Bahrain:

Bahrain’s small size and comprehensive policing mean that crime doesn’t pay: If a car is stolen, the chances are that it will be found very quickly. Effective border controls ensure that stolen goods can’t easily be smuggled to neighbouring countries.

Bahrain has the one of the highest ratios of law enforcement forces in the world, with over 1900 policemen per one hundred thousand inhabitants.

Several sets of statistics show that proportionately the highest incidences of crime are committed amongst non-Bahraini segments of society, specifically low-paid Asian workers. However, for them any engagement in criminal activity would mean deportation or a heavy sentence. So once again, there is a significant deterrent.

Bahrain does not have the high levels of internal migration and social dislocation which can force many into a life of crime elsewhere in the world. Extended families, social solidarity and tight communities all mean that there is little incentive to turn to crime and those engaging in criminal activities like theft would be quickly ostracized. Furthermore, in this traditional society, Islam strongly prohibits criminal activities.

Over the past four years, crime has tended to be associated with the political unrest, i.e.; radicalized youths engaging in localized vandalism and attacks against the police. However, since 2012 most of this activity has been confined to certain villages where the opposition enjoys strong support. Citizens have rarely been targets, so there has been very little net impact on the safety of citizens and their property.

Two factors where Bahrain does tend to score higher; human trafficking and corruption; have both been high-profile issues in Parliament in recent months, with tough measures being introduced against unregistered workers and incidences of corruption cited in the annual Financial Audit Bureau report.

For all these reasons, non-Bahraini expats broadly describe themselves as feeling safe and relaxed living in Bahrain. Many even report that they are not worried about leaving their cars and homes unlocked, such is the low risk of crimes in Bahrain.

This is yet another reason why Bahrain is the destination of choice for those looking to settle in the Gulf and Middle East region.



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