Some of the statistics for these 22 November 2014 elections have yet to be confirmed at the time of publication on 23 November. However, there are several patterns which have clearly emerged:

The 52.6% turnout is a combination of very high participation in some of the most competitive areas (like central Muharraq and many of the urban areas of central Bahrain) with very low turnout in a handful of areas where opposition militants were enforcing the boycott, like Sitra and some of the villages on the north coast.

However, most of the seats have not been decided, because high numbers of candidates, and intense competition ensured that in most seats no candidate obtained more than 50% and therefore the vote had to go to a second round.

Only six first round victories

Citizens for Bahrain predicted that around three quarters of go to a second round because of the stiff competition and that prediction has been proved to be too cautious, as in fact 85% of constituencies (34 out of 40) have gone to a second round! 

The 8th Capital seat automatically went to Majid al-Asfour after his rival candidates pulled out of the race. However, results indicate that only five further constituencies have been decided in the first round of the elections. For three of these constituencies; Isa al-Kooheji (4th Muharraq); Abdulhalim Murad (3rd Southern) and Ahmed al-Mulla (10th Southern) were MPs from the previous parliament.

The other two: Jamal Daoud (11th Northern) and Abdulrahman Bu-Ali (8th Muharraq) are all new entrants to Parliament. However, both candidates contested previous rounds of parliamentary elections and so are experienced campaigners.

There are to be second round votes in the following constituencies

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th Capital

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th Muharraq

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th Northern

1st, 2nd 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Southern


Nine more incumbent MPs out the race

Ten incumbents got the most votes in the first round, but not enough to win outright: 

Adel al-Assoumi (1st Capital), Ahmed Qarratah (2nd Capital), Ali Shamtout (3rd Capital), Abdulrahman Bumajid (4th Capital), Ali al-Atish (6th Capital), Abbas al-Madhi (6th Muharraq), Ali al-Dirazi (1st Northern), Hassan al-Dossary (3rd Northern); Mohammed al-Ammadi (10th Northern), Abdullah Bin-Huwail (7th Southern). 

Three MPs squeezed into the second round, but only came second place: Adnan al-Maliki (1st Southern), Isa Qadhi (2nd Southern), Khalid al-Maloud (10th Northern). 

Nine MPs did not gain sufficient votes to win or make it to a second round: Hassan Bukhamas (4th Capital), Sumayah al-Jowder (10th Capital) Mahmoud al-Mahmoud (5th Muharraq), Samir Khadim (8th Muharraq), Ibtisam Hijres (2nd Capital), Mohammed Buqais (11th Northern), Khalid Abdulaal (12th Northern), Salman al-Shaikh (1st Southern), Jassim al-Saeedi (8th Southern). Al-Saeedi’s low result is a particular surprise.

So, out of the 26 incumbent MPs who were contesting 22 seats, three are definitely back in Parliament, 13 remain in the competition and nine are out of the race altogether. This guarantees that at least 60% of the new Parliament will be made up of new faces.


Six women in the second round

There was a mixed picture for women in the first round of the parliamentary elections. Six female contestants have made it through to the second round – Fatima al-Asfour (1st Northern), Rua al-Haiki (6th Northern), Jameela Sammak (12th Northern), Wafa Ajoor (5th Capital), Zainab Abdulamir (7th Capital) and Fawzia Zainal (5th Southern).

This was after several strong candidates like the NUG’s Sima al-Lengawi and Jehan Mohammed suffered defeats, with all three female candidates in 10th Capital being knocked out.


Mixed fortunes for political societies

The National Unity Gathering suffered heavy defeats in all of its seven constituencies, despite fielding several high-calibre candidates. 

Al-Asalah will be disappointed that Abdulrazzaq al-Hattab lost in 5th Southern. They also lost in 3rd Muharraq and came second against Al-Minbar in 10th Northern. However, Abdulhalim Murad won outright in 3rd Southern and Adnan al-Maliki is through to the second round having come second place to Khalid al-Shaer in 1st Southern.

So out of six Asalah candidates, two are definitely out, one has won a seat, and four others are still in the race. However in two constituencies (7th Muharraq & 10th Northern) Asalah and Minbar will go head-to-head in the second round.

Al-Minbar originally fielded six candidates. However, Hashim al-Madani was disallowed in 4th Southern, leaving five candidates in the race. So Minbar have four candidates through to the second round (1st Muharraq, 7th Muharraq, 8th Northern, 10th Northern), after Khalid al-Qattan lost in 1st Southern.

Al-Wasat’s Secretary General, Ahmed Al Binali (3rd Muharraq) and Mithaq’s Mohammed al-Buainain (6th Southern) and Ibrahim al-Mannai (4th Capital) are through to the second round, meaning that Sunni political societies (Al-Asalah and the Al-Fateh Coalition – including Minbar, NUG, Wasat & Mithaq) can win a maximum of nine seats.


Winners & losers from the business community

Several prominent businessmen and women invested a lot in high profile campaigns. Some, like Adel Al Safr (5th Capital) and Lulwah Mutlaq (10th Capital), had been expected to do well, but gained disappointing results.

However, Mohammed al-Maarifi, was seen as a front-runner from early in the contest came a clear first in his 4th Southern constituency. Businesswoman Rua al-Haiki also did very well, coming top in her 6th Northern constituency. 

Abdullah al-Kooheji (6th Capital) and Ali al-Aradi (5th Northern) after fighting a very high-profile campaign narrowly made it into the second round.


Successes for experienced candidates

Some of the most strongly-performing candidates are figures who have had multiple experiences of unsuccessfully contesting past rounds of elections. For example, Khalid al-Shaer (1st Southern) and Fawzia Zainal (5th Southern) have unsuccessfully contested elections on several occasions; both performed impressively against tough opponents.

Jamal Dawood (11th Northern), Jamila Sammak (12th Northern) and Abdulrahman Bu-Ali (8th Muharraq) have also fought successful campaigns, having failed to make it through to Parliament in past attempts.


Preliminary constituency-by-constituency results

In the results below, we have avoided quoting exact numbers of votes which at the time of publication still haven’t been confirmed in writing. However, the winning candidates and those through to the second-round run-off on 29 November have been confirmed.

The pairs of underlined candidates are those who are through to the second round, while those marked with asterisks **** are candidates who have won the parliamentary seat outright.


1st Capital


Areas covered: Manama northeast coast, Diplomatic Area, Hoora, Qudaibiya

Number of candidates: 5


Adel al-Asoumi (MP) 

Khalid Sulaibikh 

Ibrahim Janahi 

Ahmed al-Awadhi 

Ahmed al-Abbasi 


2nd Capital


Areas covered: Central Manama, Burhama, Salehiya, Suwayfiyah

Number of candidates: 7


Ahmed Qaratah (MP)

Hashim al-Alawi

Ibtisam Hijres (MP) 

Faysal Bin-Rajab 

Ahmed Ghalib 

Ala’uddin Bu-Ali 

Faisal al-Aradi 


3rd Capital


Areas covered: Sanabis, Karbabad, Seef

Number of candidates: 7


Adel Abdulhamid 

Ali Shamtout (MP)

Abbas Sarraj 

Abbas Kayid

Ammar al-Mahari 

Hashim al-Aradi 

Mohammed al-Mawali 


4th Capital


Areas covered: Fateh, Juffair, Ghuraifa, Mina Salman, Umm Hassam, Abu-Ghazzal, Adliya

Number of candidates: 7


Abdulrahman Bumajid (MP) 

Ibrahim al-Mannai (Mithaq) 

Hassan Bukhamas (MP) 

Ammar al-Banai 

Adnan al-Nuaimi

Fadhil al-Badu

Faisal al-Aynati


5th Capital


Areas covered: Bilad al-Qadeem, Zinj, Salmaniya, Segaiya, Mahooz and Abu Asheera

Number of candidates: 9


Nasir al-Qaseer 

Wafa Ajoor 

Adel Al Safr 

Mamoud al-Hamar 

Hussain Bukhamas 

Kadhim al-Uwaynati 

Ibrahim al-Awadhi 

Basimah Saleh 

Rashad Umar


6th Capital


Areas covered: Khamis, Musalla, Tashan, Abu Baham, Adhari, North Sehla, South Sehla

Number of candidates: 5


Ali al-Atish (MP, Rabitah)

Abdullah al-Kooheji 

Masoumah Abdulrahim 

Ihsan al-Faraj 

Abdulnabi Mahdi 


7th Capital


Areas covered: Jid Ali, Jurdab

Number of candidates: 5


Osamah al-Khajah 

Zainab Abdulamir

Khalid al-Quwwati

Redha Shukrallah 

Abdullah al-Dirazi


8th Capital


Areas covered: Nabih Saleh, Sitra, Industrial Area, Marqoban, Mahaza

Majid al-Asfour ****


9th Capital


Areas covered: Southern Sitra, East Eker

Number of candidates: 4


Ibrahim al-Asfour 

Mohammed al-Shaikh 

Jawad Buhussain (MP)


10th Capital


Areas covered: West Eker, Sanad and South Isa Town

Number of candidates: 15


Nabil al-Balooshi 

Ali Ishaqi 

Adel Abduljalil 

Atiyatallah Al Sinan 

Wajih Baqer (Mithaq) 

Khalifa Sulaibikh 

Mohammed al-Markh 

Lulwah Mutlaq (Watan) 

Salman al-Saffar 

Sumayah al-Jowder (MP) 

Noura Matouq 

Yassir al-Khayyat 

Yassir Bukhuwwah

Tariq al-Tamimi 

Abdulhamid al-Baqishi 


1st Muharraq


Areas covered: Busaiteen

Number of candidates: 9


Saadi Mohammed (Minbar) 

Ali Bufursan 

Mohammed al-Hussaini 

Ahmed al-Obaidli 

Ahmed Ashir 

Yahya al-Majdami 

Mohammed al-Qalalif 

Ahmed Aqqab 

Thani Rashidan 


2nd Muharraq


Areas covered: Muharraq central

Number of candidates: 9


Ibrahim al-Hamadi 

Abdulmunim al-Eid 

Wahid al-Dossary 

Salim Rajab (NUG) 

Mohammed al-Buainain 

Abdulrahman Bin-Zaiman 

Khalid Bu-Jiri 

Khalid al-Hashim 

Ahmed al-Jowder


3rd Muharraq


Areas covered: Muharraq central, Qalali

Number of candidates: 10


Jamal Buhassan 

Ahmed Al Binali (Wasat)

Mohammed al-Mutawwa  

Adel Bu-Anq  

Mohammed Murad 

Abdulnasir al-Mahmeed (Asalah) 

Yusuf al-Awadhi 

Mohammed Ahmedi 

Abdallah Saad

Abdulrahman Fakhro


4th Muharraq


Areas covered: Muharraq central

Number of candidates: 7


Isa al-Kooheji (MP) ****

Abdullah al-Aynati (NUG)

Hamad al-Mearaj

Rima Halal

Majid al-Atawi

Mohammed al-Murbati

Mohammed Khayami


5th Muharraq


Areas covered: Northeast; Muharraq; Amwaj Islands; Qalali

Number of candidates: 10


Mohammed al-Jowder 

Khalid Bu-Anq 

Mahmoud al-Mahmoud (MP) 

Muhammed al-Dakhil 

Mohammed al-Faraj 

Abdulaziz al-Majid 

Jamal Saad 

Sami al-Shaer (NUG) 

Ahmed al-Mannai 

Ibrahim Ali  


6th Muharraq


Areas covered: Dair & Samaheej

Number of candidates: 4


Abbas al-Madhi (MP) 

Nabil al-Ashiri

Hassan al-Samaheeji

Abbas al-Faraj 


7th Muharraq


Areas covered: Arad

Number of candidates: 9


Nasser al-Fadhalah (Minbar)

Ali al-Muqla (Asalah)

Badr al-Hammadi (Watan)

Mohammed al-Sulaiti

Mohammed al-Wazzan

Khalid Ibrahim 

Abdulrahman al-Khashram

Adel al-Mannai

Muhammad al-Mulla


8th Muharraq


Areas covered: Southern Muharraq; Hidd

Number of candidates: 3


Abdulrahman Bu-Ali ****

Samir Khadim (MP)

Abdullah Bughamar (Al-Saff) 


1st Northern


Areas covered: Hilla, Meqsha, Karranah, Janusan, Barbar, Diraz

Number of candidates: 7


Ali al-Dirazi (MP) 

Fatimah al-Asfour

Hussain Habib

Yassir Nassif

Mohammed Rabea

Jaffar al-Asfour 

Mohammed Shehab


2nd Northern


Areas covered: Markh, Bani Jamra, Diraz

Number of candidates: 3


Jalal Kadhim

Hussain al-Hamar

Fadhil al-Dirazi


3rd Northern


Areas covered: Northern strip of west coast; Budayya, Haniniyah, Jasra, Hamala, Um Sabiyan, Um Na’san, Jiddah

Number of candidates: 6


Hassan al-Dossary (MP) 

Hamad al-Dossary

Firas Nouruddin

Adel al-Dossary 

Mamdouh Marhoun

Abdulaziz al-Dhawadi 


4th Northern


Areas covered: Jidhafs, Jabla Habshi, North Sehla, Qadam, Abu-Quwwah

Number of candidates: 5


Nawaf al-Sayed

Ghazi Al Rahmah

Hussain Jawad

Huda Radhi

Mohammed al-Aleywi 


5th Northern


Areas covered: Qadam, Hajar, Abu Saiba, Shakhurah, Muqaba, Diraz, Sar, Markh

Number of candidates: 10


Jamil al-Rowaei

Ali al-Aradi

Ahmed al-Najjar

Jamil al-Mahari

Hannan Abdulaziz

Mohammed Mohsin

Mohammed Khalil

Nabil al-Lababidi

Isa Taqi

Fadhil al-Harz


6th Northern


Areas covered: Aali

Number of candidates: 8


Rua al-Haiki 

Mohammed Al Asfour 

Mohammed al-Aali

Mohammed al-Bahhar

Majid Saleh

Moayed Neamah

Ali al-Sayegh

Younis Jassim


7th Northern


Areas covered: Al-Qurayah, Janabiyah, Buri, Hamalah, Dumistan

Number of candidates: 9


Majid al-Majid 

Mohammed Bin-Rajab

Munir Ibrahim

Ahmed Hassan 

Jamil Abbas

Abduljalil al-Aali

Majid Ibrahim 

Ali Sakran 

Ali Makki 


8th Northern


Areas covered: Hamad Town

Number of candidates: 5


Isa Turki

Adel al-Dhawadi (Minbar)

Jassim Hijris 

Maryam al-Mahrous

Bader al-Dossary


9th Northern


Areas covered: Hamad Town

Number of candidates: 9


Abdulhamid al-Najjar

Hassan al-Alawi

Ahmed Ali Arad (NUG)

Yousif Zainal

Mohammed Baqer

Ahmed al-Qahiri

Abdullah Tarrar

Ahmed Yousif

Mahmoud Abdulrahman


10th Northern


Areas covered: Hamad Town

Number of candidates: 7


Mohammed al-Ammadi (MP Minbar)

Khalid al-Maloud (MP Asalah) 

Sima al-Lengawi (NUG) 

Hisham Rabeah 

Abdulqadir Abduljalil 

Khalid al-Zubari  

Saad Sultan


11th Northern


Areas covered: Hamad Town, Dar Kulaib

Number of candidates: 5


Jamal Dawoud ****

Mohammed Buqais (MP) 

Thamir al-Qaran

Jaffar al-Hamiri 

Ali al-Fadhli 


12th Northern


Areas covered: Dumistan, Luzi, Karzakan, Malikiyah, Sadad, Shahrakan, Safriyah

Number of candidates: 6


Jamila al-Sammak

Ammad al-Sayed

Khalid Abdulaal (MP)

Ali Fardan 

Ali Baqer 

Abdulrazzaq Fardan


1st Southern


Areas covered: Isa Town

Number of candidates: 10


Khalid al-Shaer

Adnan al-Maliki (MP Asalah) 

Ahmed al-Amer 

Jehan Mohammed (NUG) 

Jaffar al-Kharaz 

Salman al-Shaikh (MP)

Anwar Qambar 

Abdulghani al-Haiki 

Abdulrahman Abdullah

Khalid al-Qattan (Minbar) 


2nd Southern


Areas covered: Isa Town, Zayid Town

Number of candidates: 8


Mohammed al-Ahmed 

Isa al-Qadhi (MP) 

Yaqoub Nassim 

Faydh al-Sharqawi

Abdulaziz Matar

Ahmed Matar 

Mohammed al-Dhawadi 

Ahmed al-Murbati


3rd Southern


Areas covered: North Riffa, Hajiat

Number of candidates: 6


Abdulhalim Murad (MP Asalah) ****

Mohammed al-Housani 

Naji al-Dossary 

Hassan al-Ali 

Abdullah al-Hajji 

Mohammed al-Maloud 


4th Southern


Areas covered: Nuwaidrat, Sanad, Hajiat

Number of candidates: 7


Mohammed al-Maarifi 

Abdulhamid al-Shaikh

Ibrahim al-Mannai 

Nabil al-Musaifar

Abdulrahman Abdulkarim

Ashraf al-Assar 

Faisal al-Bufalah


5th Southern


Areas covered: West Riffa, Haniniyah, Bukuwarah

Number of candidates: 6


Khalifa al-Ghanim 

Fawzia Zainal 

Abdulrazzaq al-Hattab (Asalah) 

Nayef al-Jassim 

Adel al-Rowaei

Mohammed Qarratah


6th Southern


Areas covered: Northern Riffa, Bukuwarah

Number of candidates: 9


Mohammed al-Buainain (Mithaq)

Anas Buhindi

Layla Rajab (Al-Watani al-Hurr), 

Nawal al-Dossary

Abdullah Baqer

Salah Khalifa

Yousif al-Hamdan

Khalifa al-Dossary

Ibrahim Fakhro


7th Southern


Areas covered: Nuwaidrat, West Riffa, Rawdhah

Number of candidates: 3


Abdullah Bin-Huwail (MP)

Ahmed al-Dossary 

Anwar al-Mohammed 


8th Southern


Areas covered: Southern Sitra, Ma’amir, East Riffa, Awali, Mazrowiyah, Askar, Jaw, Dawr

Number of candidates: 7


Dhiyab al-Noaimi 

Mohammed al-Sisi 

Jassim al-Saeedi (MP) 

Mohammed al-Awdhani

Abdullah al-Azami 

Noura Bushehri 

Ali al-Rumaihi 


9th Southern


Areas covered: Southwest coast; Sakhir

Number of candidates: 5


Mohsin al-Bakri 

Mohammed al-Dossary

Mohammed al-Quwwati (NUG) 

Mutib al-Dhawadi  

Yousif al-Dossary


10th Southern


Areas covered: Southern Bahrain, Dawr & Hawar islands

Number of candidates: 2


Ahmed al-Mulla ****

Khalid al-Dossary

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