Citizens for Bahrain’s analyses of the 2014 Bahrain Parliamentary elections have been covered by the Gulf Daily News, along with several other media outlets which have used Citizens for Bahrain’s reporting for their own coverage of the elections process.

The article, entitled “Run-off predicted for majority of seats”, looked at the predictions made by Citizens for Bahrain about the likely outcome of Saturday’s vote.

The full article can be read here:

There was particular interest in the GDN’s article about Citizens for Bahrain’s prediction that “around three quarters of the 40 Parliamentary seats will go to a second round” because of the unusually high level of competition between candidates in this contest.

Citizens for Bahrain is also predicting that around two thirds of the Parliament will be made up of new faces, because many former MPs aren’t standing and because of the high-calibre of many new candidates.

The article noted that Citizens for Bahrain’s coverage was based on media reporting, interviews with experts and local figures, as well as social media and other sources.

The GDN article also quotes the popular TV presenter, Sawsan Al Shaer, who said that polling she had conducted – mainly in the Muharraq and Southern constituencies – indicated a 72% turnout.

This media interest in Citizens for Bahrain’s elections coverage can be partly attributed to the fact that they are the only English language source providing comprehensive coverage of the elections process. CfB’s reporting covers all 40 constituencies and all 266 parliamentary candidates.

Citizens for Bahrain’s analyses, report and guides to the 2014 elections can be found on our website:

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