Over the last year (April 2013-April 2014) no protestors or rioters have died as a result of police actions. No rioters have been shot dead; nobody has been killed by a tear gas canister; and no protesters died as a result of torture or excessive force.

Over this same period, six police have been killed, all as a result of explosive devices.

Opposition groups like Al-Wefaq, the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights and Bahrain Watch cannot claim that we have falsified statistics in order to state this fact, because it is their statistics we have been using.

Seven people cited by the opposition as martyrs actually died during involvement in criminal or terrorist activity, often as a result of their own actions.

The facts below show that there has been nobody who can be claimed to be a “martyr” over the past year; even by the opposition’s own loose definition of this term.

Deaths during criminal or terrorist activities

Rioters have indeed died over this period, but the only two individuals who died during riots were killed as a result of their own actions: Ahmed Abdulamir was trying to throw a Molotov, which exploded in his hand, and later died of severe burns; Mohammed Al Kasoor was killed by a falling palm tree that he had been cutting down to build a roadblock.

At least two people have been killed by their own explosive devices; Hussain Sharaf was on the run for murdering a 19-year old policeman, but died after a huge explosion in the location where he was hiding out; Ali Khalil died while transporting an IED in the village of Bani Jamra. 

Weapons shipments being smuggled from Iran were impounded in early 2014, this resulted in a series of operations to impound smuggled weapons and explosives. In an operation against a group of weapons smugglers, the suspects tried to evade arrest by driving their vehicle directly at police. One of the suspects, Fadhel Muslim was shot dead after police had fired several warning shots.  

Tear gas & illness

If we look at others listed as martyrs by the opposition, we find that only one person over this period, Jawad Al Hawi, has been claimed as a “tear gas victim” and even this is disputed by medical sources.

This shows that despite the opposition propaganda, tear gas is not being used as an “offensive weapon” and that police are following procedures for appropriate use of tear gas.

Two individuals, Jaafar Al Dirazi and Yusuf Al Nashmy were transferred to hospital while in detention. Jaafar died as a result of complications arising from sickle cell anaemia and Yusuf died from a brain tumor. In both cases the opposition claimed without evidence that medical authorities had been negligent in their treatment.

Individuals killed during involvement in criminal or terrorist activities

Hussain Sharaf

1 Apr 2014

Wanted for murder of policeman. Died after an explosion in the location where he was hiding in Al-Eker

Fadhel Abbas Muslim

25 Jan 2014

Shot during weapons-smuggling operation in Diraz

Ahmed Abdulamir

30 Nov 2013

Died from burns after the Molotov Cocktail he was about to throw exploded, in Sanabis

Ali Khalil Al Sabbagh

22 Oct 2013

Killed by homemade bomb he was carrying, presumably with intention of killing police & civilians; in Bani Jamra

Mohammed Al Kasoor

13 Sep 2013

Hit by falling palm tree while building road block in Al-Daih during preparation for rioting

Hussein Kadhem

29 Jul 2013

Police car overturned with him inside after being detained on charges of theft

Hussein Abdulkareem

26 Jun 2013

Killed while building bomb in workshop in his home in Saar


Other individuals listed as “martyrs” by opposition

Jawad Ahmed Al Hawi

17 Mar 2014

Opposition sources say tear gas / medical sources say heart failure

Jaafar Al Dirazi

26 Feb 2014

Complications due to sickle cell anaemia (transferred from

detention to hospital). Opposition sources claimed “medical negligence”

Asma Hussein

11 Feb 2014

Heart attack; reportedly after a raid on her home

Yusuf Ali Al Nashmy

11 Oct 2013

Brain tumor (transferred from detention to hospital)

Sadeq Jaafar Sabt

1 Sep 2013

Killed in car accident in Sehla; having been on the run from police for a year and a half


Policemen killed by terrorist bombs

Ammar Al Dhalei

3 Mar 2014

All three killed on in an explosion in Al-Daih

Tariq Al Shehi

Mohammed Arslan

Abdulwahid Al Balooshi

15 Feb 2014

Explosion in Al-Deir

Muhammad Amir Abdulkhaliq

18 Sep 2014

Dies of his injuries caused by a bomb blast

Yasser Dhaib

6 Jul 2014

Killed by a homemade bomb explosion

Main sources

Full death toll list by opposition newspaper Al-Wasat


Bahrain Centre for Human Rights


Bahrain Watch: List of fatalities


Bahrain’s Feb14 Revolution Martyrs List


Gulf Daily News: Officers killed in the line of duty since 2011


(the above sources have also been cross-checked with media reporting and statements by the Bahraini Ministry of Interior and other relevant departments)

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