The United States should be providing support for Bahrain and other GCC states to counter Iranian interference in their domestic affairs, an American think tank, the Washington Institute, has recommended:

According to the Institute: “US intelligence assesses that Iran is in fact providing arms and more to Bahraini and other fighters in the Arabian Peninsula”.


The report cites the impoundment of large shipments of weapons and explosives in Bahrain, arriving from Iran and records evidence that Iranian Republican Guards and Hezbollah members have been training Bahraini terrorists.


The Washington Institute recalls how the Islamic Republic sponsored coup attempts in Bahrain in the 1980s and 1990s, by supporting organizations which are predecessors to some of the current Bahraini opposition groupings, like the Islamic Front for the Liberation of Bahrain.


The report points out how US cooperation to counter Iranian interference in Bahrain could act in support of the reform process.


The Washington Institute then goes on to discuss Iran’s interference in Saudi Arabia and the breaking up of numerous Iranian spy rings in multiple Gulf states.


Only three years too late and after months of complacent denials; international experts are waking up to the reality of Iranian interference in Gulf States. Iranian explosives have killed Bahraini policemen; Iranian TV channels have radicalized and brainwashed young people; and Iranian weapons and money have sought to destabilize whole nations.


We hope that President Obama following his visit to Saudi Arabia and other world leaders will pay heed to such calls and take action before it is too late.


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