19th May, 2013 –

“Certain parties in Bahrain’s ruling system have crossed the red lines of the Muslim world and the Shiites and if you don’t apologize for this improper act, you should expect an unexpected reaction;” Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister arrogantly declared on May 18.

Unfortunately we can’t tell this Iranian Minister where to put his red lines and still remain within the bounds of civilized discourse. Who does Iran think it is giving Bahrain red lines about Bahraini issues, and what kind of threat is Iran making when it says that if Bahrain should “expect an unexpected reaction”???

Despite its continuing pitiful attempts to interfere in Bahraini affairs; Iran does not speak for Bahrainis and it certainly doesn’t speak for the Muslim world.

Iranian red lines take the form of a trail of blood dripping its way across the region: If Iran felt any sort of responsibility before the Muslim world it would be itself apologizing for bankrolling the massacre of tens of thousands of Syrians; for stirring up sectarian strife in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and numerous other countries across the Middle East and Africa; wasting untold billions of dollars of its oil money arming proxy militias and clandestine networks across the region to spread the disaster that is the Islamic Revolution; using its propaganda channels to incite violence and spread lies; and generally making itself hated and diplomatically isolated around the world.

The Bahraini Government should take Iran’s threats seriously and would be right to lodge a formal complaint at the UN.

We also feel compelled to take issue to the laughable reference in Iran’s statement to the “Persian Gulf Cooperation Council”. It has perhaps escaped their notice that there are no Persians in the Gulf Cooperation Council, because Iran is the one country in the region which none of its neighbours are able to cooperate with because of its bizarre, aggressive and terrorist policies. It is pitifully significant that Iran uses terminology that no-one else recognizes or accepts.

Our concluding message to Iran’s leaders is: Stay out of our affairs. Don’t try to hide the fact that you can’t run your own country by trying to spread chaos elsewhere. Don’t pass judgment on others, because the world will be watching the farce that is the Iranian Presidential elections over the coming weeks. How many civilians will you have to murder, torture and imprison this time round to enforce a rigged result?

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