12th Mar, 2013 –

The appointment of Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad as First Deputy Prime Minister is a wise choice and a welcome development for Bahrain on a number of levels.

It has been stressed that the Crown Prince’s appointment aims to prioritize executive-level reform, which is vital for modernizing and streamlining our constitutional political system. Furthermore, by putting the primary advocate of National Dialogue and reconciliation at the heart of Government, the King is showing to all parts of Bahraini society and to the world Bahrain’s determination to move forward through consensus and national unity.

The fact that parts of the opposition have welcomed this appointment proves once again the widespread respect and loyalty that our young and charismatic Crown Prince inspires and that all sides believes that Prince Salman can play a role in bringing this country back together and looking to the future. As well as Prince Salman’s efforts for Dialogue, his leadership of the Bahrain Economic Development Board has placed him in a central position for implementing his long-held vision of a fairer society with opportunities for all.

We hope that such an important gesture of good will can be shared by others in renouncing violence and embracing the National Dialogue.

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