21st Oct, 2012 –

The 19 October bomb attack against Bahraini policemen that killed 19-year old Imran Ahmed Mohammed and caused serious injury to others, was a dangerous precedent for Bahrain. As is visible from video footage, the police officers were on routine patrol in Al Eker at 01.00 am when youths attacked them with Molotov Cocktails and an explosive device which was thrown directly at Imran Mohammed.

The discovery of Bomb Factories and quantities of homemade bombs in recent months shows that there are militants with the desire and the capability to resort to terrorist methods on a scale that Bahrain hasn’t previously seen. The British Government among others has been providing support to investigate the manufacture of sophisticated explosive materials in Bahrain, which we welcome in helping ensure that militant groups are unable to develop more advanced devices and put at risk the lives of Bahrainis, expatriate residents and visitors from abroad.

Our thoughts today are with the family of Imran Mohammed; particularly as Imran’s elder brother, also a policeman, was killed in a traffic incident this June; and Imran’s cousin Kashif Ahmed Mandhour, another policeman, was killed by anti-Government protesters who deliberately ran over him in a car at Pearl Roundabout last year. This single family has lost so much in the service of their country and Bahrain should not forget their sacrifice.

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