Huffington Post readers may be forgiven for concluding that on the issue of Bahrain there is only one voice worth listening to: It’s not a Bahraini voice and it’s only got one thing to say:

We are not claiming that Brian Dooley of Human Rights First doesn’t have the right to be heard; but the fact that Brian Dooley is the only voice on Bahrain in the Huffington, monotonously making the same point week-after-week from a highly partisan perspective goes against the editorial ethics of journalism for allowing a representative range of voices to be heard.

As excerpts from the below articles show Brian Dooley’s central point is that the US Administration is not doing enough to push for further reform in Bahrain. To make his point he repeats the same arguments endlessly. Does the Huffington really need to publish someone hammering that same point again and again and again?

Mr. Dooley claims to run a human rights organization concerned about human rights abuses in countries all around the world. So why does he mostly ignore much worse abuses in Iran, Syria, North Korea and China and continue droning on about past events in Bahrain? We find his agenda highly questionable.

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Are Al-Wefaq irrelevant, or in denial?

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As our political leaders seek to re-engage the political sides in talks, there is one question we should be asking: Is it now even worth talking to Al-Wefaq Islamic Society?

Once upon a time Al-Wefaq was capable of organizing protest rallies of a significant size. It was their ability to mobilize their followers that seemed to be the main challenge to be addressed: In order to restore order and calm – the logic went – we must have Dialogue with Al-Wefaq and give consideration to their demands.

In 2014 there are three principle risks to the safety and security of Bahraini citizens:

First there are the bomb attacks that are getting more frequent and deadly and which have already killed six policemen over the past year. As militants gain more experience this may become more of a threat and take the lives of increasing numbers of police and civilians.

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Killer of Bahraini policeman died while making bomb

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(PictureMaterial seized from the site of the blast.)

At the height of the 2014 Grand Prix the opposition mobilized thousands of their foot soldiers and gave them all banners featuring the photo of the latest Bahraini “martyr” Hussain Sharaf.

Online opposition propagandists like Maryam Al Khawaja and Marc Owen Jones were blaming the authorities for Hussain’s death and citing Hussain as yet another example of the Bahrain Government’s “brutal repression”.

The facts have now come to light after a full investigation of the circumstances of Hussain Sharaf’s death. Hussain had already been sentenced in absentia on a whole string of counts of terrorism, most seriously; for attacking a police patrol with explosive devices in Al-Eker in 2012; for killing a policeman and seriously injuring others. He was also charged with possessing explosive devices.

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Bahrain’s Spring of Culture

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Each year Bahrain witnesses a season of cultural events that get everyone talking and opens Bahrain’s culture and society to the world; while displaying the best aspects of what makes Bahrain special and unique.

Whose culture? The Spring of Culture is actually a celebration of the brightest and best aspects of Global culture; hence, music legends like Eric Clapton and Jose Carreras.

But it also celebrates local and regional culture; including exhibitions of Bahraini artists, concerts of Bahraini performers and showcases for the brightest talents across the Arabian Gulf region.

Although Bahrain may be small; we boast some of the most beautiful venues for these events, such as the one year-old National Theatre. The events are scattered across picturesque locations across the Bahrain islands; a network of galleries, museums, auditoriums and places of outstanding natural beauty.

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